Saturday, 5 May 2012

HOW TO: Refrigerated Butter To Room Temperature In Minutes

If most of your baking inspiration happens suddenly and sporadically (as does mine) you're probably well accustomed to that feeling of frustration which you experience as you remember that your butter was not brought to room temperature in advance. Of course it wasn't. You didn't plan to bake. But now you want to bake. You turn on your mixer and start to cream cold butter with sugar in the hope that by some stroke of good luck your mixture will defy the rules of chemistry. That you will be lucky just this onceThat your mixture will cream into the lightest cloud-like fluff. But this never happens. Of course it does not happen. It cannot happen.  Cold butter does not cream. 

However you can easily turn that frown upside down. (Ha!) And it's EASY. No magic needed. Method: grate butter. Really, that's it. Leave it to sit on your counter for a few minutes whilst you prepare the other ingredients.

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  1. You are a real baking wizard - all these little tricks.. Brilliant!

  2. Aw thank you! That's so sweet of you! xxxx

  3. Simple, yet genius!
    Love it!
    I also love your post on aged egg whites.